Knowledge Shawl Sweater

If there’s one thing you can count on Scandinavians for, aside from blonde hair, blue eyes and terrifying music, it’s great cold weather wear. After all, the average Scandinavian winter is something like 14 months long [ed note: statement not fact checked]; ample time to master the art of staying warm yet stylish. The Shawl Sweater from Denmark’s Knowledge is made from 100% organic cotton. As handsome as it is comfy, the slim-fit sweater will keep your spirits up when the temperature goes down.

For price and purchase info, visit Three Leaves.

  • igor

    Cotton is not exactly something that keeps one warm. Fail.

  • Locke

    Igor: cotton keeps people plenty warm, which is why it’s used by everybody all over the world. The reason people often use wool for sweaters is because of heritage, and the fact that wool will keep you warm even when it’s wet. Unless you plan on walking in the rain or jumping in a lake I’m sure a cotton sweater will do just fine.

    Next time think before you word vomit :)

  • igor

    Cotton = death in the cold, especially if you layer. You layer, you sweat, you get cold. Then you’re f’d.

  • Dirzo B.

    This is not a back country outfitter blog, bro. I guarantee if I walk around Seattle wearing this sweater, sweat, then get cold…I won’t be f’d. I might go home, take it off, then GET f’ed…on account of how ruggedly handsome I would look in this sweater!

  • igor

    Such aggressiveness.

  • Peter

    Cotton stretches more than wool.

  • Johnny

    Everyone… it’s a nice sweater. Nicely made, decent price. Will it replace my handknit Irish jumper which is so warm that I have to wear it with my jacket open on some of the coldest days of the year? No. Is it a nice looking cotton sweater to wear out on a date when I don’t feel like sweating buckets? Yes. The one doesn’t invalidate the other – the both have positives and negatives.

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