QP Collections Canvas Neckties

You’re not run of the mill. You’re bold, strong, unique. So why not get yourself a tie that matches? These new Canvas Ties from QP Collections are handmade from burly cotton canvas, making them a working man’s noose that you can actually do some real working man’s work in. And at only $59 a pop, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one. Show ‘em who you really are

For price and purchase info, visit QP Collections.

  • Adam

    I feel obliged to comment. I purchased one of the wool ones that were featured on here a while back and honestly, they are a crappy tie. The tie is very stiff, it doesn’t feel like very nice wool and the knot is a crappy one.

    I own several PPH ties and they are vastly superior.

  • Adam

    I should say though, that it does seem like a nice operation and it is Made in the USA. I just don’t think the quality is very good :(