N’East Illustrated, Vol. 10

That’s right, Volume 10. Ten months we’ve been doing these N’East Illustrated posts, and yet, the incessantly intoxicating Christine Mitchell of N’East Style still manages to top herself with each new one. I mean, that’s like a death and taxes level of consistency. Her latest batch of illustrated #menswear goodness is after the jump. And you can check out the previous nine here.

I really love the new collaboration jeans from Rogue Territory and Portland, OR’s The Woodlands Shop. An update of RG’s staple Stanton, the jeans feature a custom designed cowhide patch and coordinating hand-printed handkerchief. Only 24 will be made!

This drawing is of a really awesome old photo of Topo Designs co-founder Mark Hansen’s grandfather. Both Mark and fellow co-founder Jedd Rose have an amazing collection of vintage photos of their family that they shared them with me recently. To me, this one perfectly embodies America, fall, and, well, rough and tumble manhood.

I love a guy in a good Mac. Might be my Anglophile tendencies, but it’s just one of those jackets that I feel all grown men should own. Of course, there will be those monsoons when sporting your high-tech Patagonia or Grundens slicker is the best option, but for those drizzly days when you’re wearing a suit or anything a bit finer than jeans and a T, a Mac is the way to go, and these ones from Albam are an especially good ones.

This photo of Jeff Thrope was taken by Mikael Kennedy during their recent romp in Marfa, TX with Chris Black. The composition is amazing – I actually would love a print of this. And I love that the Buckshot Sonny’s x Pointer Camo Chore Coat and the The Hill-Side striped blanket scarf offer such great patterns and contrasts.

Huckberry just wrapped a sale on FairEnds caps this week. I had been craving one for quite some time, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to pick one up at a discount (although I definitely would have paid full price for one too!).

To see more of Mitchell’s work, check out N’East Style or her portfolio site. You can also email her directly if you’re interested in having her draw something for you (very wise move).