Unionmade Indigo Golden Bear Blazer

Remember that one kid in high school who, in addition to maintaing a 4.0 GPA, also starred in every play, dominated at every sporting event, and, was beloved by students and faculty alike? That’s kind of who Unionmade is in the world of men’s stores. Not only do they boast one of the best selections in the country (if not world), they also do a fantastic job at designing their own products. The new Golden Bear Blazer, part of the store’s just-released Indigo collection, is made in San Francisco out of 10.5 oz. Cone Mills selvedge canvas. Built to last, and sure to age beautifully while doing so, the slim fit jacket is another notch in the store’s already notched to hell belt. Did I mention he was also homecoming king?

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • ken cabarle

    Too bad they’re all sold out.

  • Cory

    I made a special trip out to their shop while in San Francisco last weekend. It was well worth the drive (and the time it took to find parking). What a cool store!