Howard Yount Lambswool Sweaters

Things Scotland is known for: haggis, Ewan McGregor and some of the best damn knitwear in the world. Things Howard Yount is known for: tasteful design, quality products and fair prices. Put ‘em together and what do you get? These seriously awesome Lambswool Sweaters, that’s what. Choose from crews, v-necks and cardigans. Color options are in the dozens. And prices start at $115. Awrite!

For price and purchase info, visit Howard Yount.

  • Danny

    Anyone know what these feel like? I bought an Inland sweater and had to send it back because it was too rough. Also, is there a sizing chart?

  • JStatz

    There is a sizing chart on the site…it is one of the pictures. If any knows about the softness, I’d love to know. In general HY’s service is excellent!

  • Brian

    Actually, I just got the gray crew neck. The sizing was what I expected. I’m short, so it seemed a tad long, but not a problem. Softness? If you are a fan of the buttery lambswool that approaches cashmere, you may be disappointed. I’m wearing it today over a button down. I think I could wear next to my skin, if I wanted. It was well worth the cost.

  • Jamison

    Thanks, guys. Sizing chart has been added to each sweater, and can be seen here: