Columbiaknit for The Woodlands Knit Hats

Male pattern baldness is a serious issue. But, if you’re one of the many afflicted by it, don’t fret; there is a solution. And that is the Columbiaknit for The Woodlands Knit Hats. Not only will they keep you stylishly warm all winter long, they’ll also deftly mask that thinning hair of yours. Can you say two birds with one stone? And, at only $15 a pop, you won’t have to worry about thinning pockets either.

For price and purchase info, visit The Woodlands.

  • Tristan

    I picked up the summit red one last week. It’s like my head is being hugged by care bears who really care. Cosign, Nick.

  • Dan

    Red one was already sold out. :(

  • TC

    thanks man, just picked up a couple. I have a couple of old army beanies that could be updated.

  • Matt

    You can pick these up from the Columbiaknit Factory Store for $7 each ($12.50 for the marled)

  • Sean

    Just got mine in the mail today… it’s comically huge. Maybe if I had a nest of dreadlocks this would work well.

  • J

    You guys can find the Columbiaknit for $10 shipped on ebay :)