Inspiration is Where You Find It: The Band

It’s been over thirty-five years since The Band played their Last Waltz, but their music sounds as relevant today as ever. Levon, Rick, Richard, Garth, and Robbie first came together in Canada as a backing band for established artists in the late fifties. But, it wasn’t until 1965, when the group went on tour with Bob Dylan, that they got the jump start they needed to move into the spotlight. Throughout the late sixties and seventies The Band’s free flowing, folk-meets-rock sound garnered them much critical acclaim, and left an influence that’s still felt today. Their lyrics told stories that sounded legendary from the first time you heard them, while their music was both spontaneous and experimental, and yet, totally approachable. Like their songs, the group’s style was as unique as it was familiar. A little bit city-slim, a little bit well-worn country, and always full of character, the men in The Band dressed the part as well as they played it.

Two classic Band outfits:

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  • Max Wastler
    • Brad

      @ Max – Ha! Nice one.

  • Chris Woodhead

    The Band have always been a huge style inspiration for me. Most of them got a little goofy as the 70’s were drawing to a close (I’m looking at you, Richard Manuel!), but Levon had a killer look until they broke up.

  • William McCullough

    GREAT post, Jake. And thanks for pointing out the Danko, Max! The Band, in one way or other, have influenced every collection we’ve made. Next spring we have the Levon shirt coming out … snap button western style…