Taylor Stitch Blue Chambray Utility Shirt

Ask not, is the brand new Taylor Stitch Blue Chambray Utility Shirt tough enough for you? Ask, are you tough enough for the Taylor Stitch Blue Chambray Utility Shirt? 8 oz., 100% cotton fabric. Boom! Made in San Francisco. Pow! Triple needle stitched. Sock! Metal donut buttons. Wham! And only $125. Ka-kow! Get ‘em while they last.

For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Stitch.

  • SS

    only $125? That doesn’t seem well-spent… I’d like to see some more affordable options on the site.

  • fireyourwriter

    The writing on this blog is becomming increasingly irritating – to the point that it motivates completing avoiding WS. You promote interesting products; keep it simple stop trying to market beyond your purpose.

  • jayz

    got this shirt for 10 percent off last week. great shirt!

  • Lacan

    Proudly made in SF? Too proud I say. This blog is getting more like what they can get for free from advertising garb they want then what is spent and well. Moving on, nothing to see here.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      @ Lacan – You’re right. I would love to own one of these shirts. I think they’re great. However, I didn’t cover them in an attempt to get one for free. I know the Taylor Stitch guys well. I respect them and what they do, and I’m always happy to promote their brand.

      Also, faulting a menswear blogger for covering clothes they like, is like faulting a blog commenter for not being able to differentiate between their opinion and fact.

      @ fireyourwriter – I’m sorry, but I have no idea what “market beyond your purpose” means. I’m not trying to be rude, I just honestly don’t understand.

      @ jayz – That’s great man. Enjoy it!

  • JStatz

    One of these just arrived on my doorstep yesterday. The construction is solid and durable, the fabric is substantial and the color radiates. This is a wonderful product. Thank you for covering it.

  • Dan

    Taylor Stitch is a little more pricey, but I’ve ordered 2 shirts from them previously and they’ve both held up quite well. I look forward to getting this one in the mail too.

  • Ravi

    Taylor stitch is awesome, and the Gilt deal for 2 oxford shirts that I got back in March remains one of the best bargains I have ever gotten. Unfortunately it’s hard to spend $125 on a shirt every week at this point.

  • Dan

    So I got this one in the mail today, and my only gripe with it is the collar, which tends to flare out and hover a bit. You can see it doing so in the first two photos. The collar will most likely relax after a few washes, but until then, it looks like I’ll have to give it some extra attention when ironing.