Jeff Taylor Fish Hook Belt

Let’s face it, fish hooks are badass. Not only can you use them to rustle up some grub, thanks to the Fish Hook Belts from Jeff Fisher, they can also add some serious outdoor enthusiast type flair to your look. Handmade in Cape Cod, and available in over a dozen different leathers, the belts are a rugged alternative to the boring old prong buckle. Plus, in a pinch, you might just be able to catch yourself some dinner with one. Like I said, badass.

For price and purchase info, visit Cellar Leather.

  • Jeff Taylor

    That’s my real name, and I’m an author of books about the finer, subtler things in life. Thank you for elevating JT with such a fine, practical product. My daughter, Serenity, has been asking what I’d like for the holidays, and I already have three of everything a man could need to fish with, but not one Jeff Taylor belt with the fishhook buckle.

    Cream rises, I always say. Make something well, and the world will beat a path to your Website.

  • Jeff Taylor

    I am Jeff Taylor, the Leathersmith and belt maker who makes the Fish Hook Belt. I make the Belts and the Buckles are Handcrafted for me by Craftsmen on Cape Cod. It is one of over 50 different Handmade Belt Buckles I carry at Cellar Leather in Hyannis Ma. and on on line. Thank you for choosing my work to feature.

    Jeff Taylor
    Cellar Leather
    578 Main St.
    Hyannis Ma. 02601