Taylor Supply Co. Off Roader Jackets

Remember how in the movie The Goonies Chunk kept calling the Fratelli’s bullet hole-ridden Jeep an “ORV” (off-road vehicle), because the term “SUV” hadn’t been coined yet? This has nothing to do with that. The Off Roader Jackets from Taylor Supply Co. are made in NYC out of 7.5 oz, 100% cotton twill from Japan. Tough yet refined, like a Swiss Army knife with a salad fork on it, the ORJs feature corduroy lined collar and cuffs, flapped pockets with antique brass snaps, adjustable drawcords at the waist and hem, and like, a half dozen other pretty awesome things. Get it now for 50% off.

For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Supply Co.

  • druff

    That is some next-level commentary, sir.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      @ druff – Thanks. I think.


  • Brendan

    Be carefull ordering one of tese jackets. They run very small and Taylor Supply does not accept returns on them as they are ‘sale items’.

  • harold de nanteuil

    Brendan, Did you buy one? if you did what size did you order and what size would be really yours?
    As far as i am concerned i find their sizing chart precise and clear with a drawing of the garment given that every dealer whatever the brand is, has some kind of fantaisist sizing chart. I always go to manufacturer site to find infos about sizing, not n the dealer one, although some are not so bad, but could be better.
    I ordered some shirts, from France, and they are absolutely as ordered.

  • Johnny

    Just got mine yesterday, the asphalt because I liked the texture of it – I decided not to size up and ordered my usual large – wow, fits like it was tailored for me. Perfect sleeve length, slim fitting but I could layer a thick sweater and scarf if it gets very cold. Well thought out details abound. Thought the draw cords would detract and that I could pull them out if I hated them (like I’ve done for some old military jackets) but they make everything ship-shape. And it cost $150 on sale. That’s southeast-Asian sweatshop price for a jacket of this quality.

    The one quibble is that this isn’t waxed, so it isn’t ideal for long periods in very wet weather. But this is my new go-to from now until summer, and I’ll be counting the days until fall so I can wear it again.

  • harold

    I bought 2 jackets, after i received my first one orange, i decided to buy the kakhi one, where the f…. am i gonna find such nice quality for such a good price and this is all about Taylor Supply, a great designer, at least for me.