Aran Crafts Shawl Collar One Button Sweaters

It’s understandable if the models’ hangin’ tough poses in the shots above aren’t doing much to win you over. But, just try to ignore that and focus on these other, much less laughable things about the Shawl Collar One Button Sweaters from Aran Crafts. They’re made in Ireland from 100% Donegal-spun wool. They come in two beautifully tweedy colors. And they’re on sale for $99. See, it pays to not judge books by their covers.

For price and purchase info, visit Aran Crafts.

  • Slick

    Awesome, but I’m still more interested in the fisherman rib that was also recommended here. How’s the fit of these Aran Crafts sweaters? I’m guessing one should size down but if the armholes are huge it still won’t look right.