Gitman Vintage Ox-Deer Shirts

Guys, I didn’t think this was possible, but I have become a total Stan for this shirt. And I don’t mean like “oh man, this shirt is really cool, I’m going to buy it and wear it a bunch.” I’m talking straight Eminem-crazed-fan-style “WHY HAVEN’T YOU RETURNED ANY OF MY CALLS OR EMAILS, BEAUTIFUL GITMAN VINTAGE OX-DEER?! WE’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!” You already know GV’s reputation for being well-made and fitting great, so I won’t even get into that. Just know that this godly creation is only available through Gitman’s website, so head over there to grab one before they’re gone, and you’re left contemplating an (unlawful) visit to Gitman headquarters.

For price and purchase info, visit Gitman Vintage.