Bartlett Yarns Crew-neck Wool Sweaters

I’m having a hard time deciding what’s most impressive about these Crew-neck Wool Sweaters from Bartlett Yarns. Is it that the company that makes them has been based out of – and manufacturing in – the same small town in Maine since 1821? Or, is it that the sweaters’ yarns are spun on still-working 18th century spinning mules using wool from local shepherds? Or, is it that each one of the sweaters, which are basically like wearable history lessons, costs a mere $88? You know what? Let’s just call it win-win-win.

For price and purchase info, visit Inland.

  • pmn

    How’s the fit and what’s the gauge?

  • Jess

    As a knitter I’m so glad to see Bartlett Yarns made Well Spent! Great quality yarn and $88 is a bargain. I know you all only cover ready to wear/use items but you might also check out Harrisville Designs and Jared Flood — his line of Brooklyn Tweed yarns that Harrisville spins in New England is amazing as are his patterns. Great stuff for anyone interested in learning to knit with US made yarns. –(

  • Eli from Inland Clothing

    Thanks for the post!

    I just wanted to let your readers know that, although I won’t be able to restock the Rust Heather color until Bartlett does another production run, I do have a few more Dark Sheep’s Gray sweaters (not many) coming in this week or next in the currently-sold-out small and medium sizes.

    In the same shipment I’ll also be getting three new colors: Wild Grape, Dark Lovat, and Dark Jade Heather. (It may take me a little longer to get photographs taken and up on the site.) But quantities are very limited for all of these, so I expect they’ll go pretty quickly.

  • Todd V

    I had to google “Lovat.” Looking forward to seeing the new colors, Eli. Might still have to hold out for the Rust.

  • Priscilla Fortiner

    I would like to buy the Bartlett Yarn Crew Neck Sweater size large for my son. I am having trouble trying to order this sweater. Please let me know how to order this product. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    Priscilla A Fortiner

    Phone: 253 312 4980