Danner Tramline Boots

You guys remember that Nelly song where he was stompin’ around in his Air Force 1s? Man, that guy didn’t know what he was missing. The Danner Tramline boots are made in Portland, Oregon out of waterproofed leather from Horween. Finished out with a Vibram wedge sole and full leather lining, the boots will out-stomp any pair of sneakers out there – hear that Mr. Hot in Heeere? And, there’s no need to buy “two purr,” as just one will last you for years to come.

For price and purchase info, visit The Woodlands.

  • Grandee

    @Luker – Truth. It’s become a fancy sartorial site like the rest of em. “Well” spent indeed.

  • Anonymous

    @both of you

    If you knew much about leather and shoe construction, you would know these boots are well worth the price.

  • http://well-spent.com Brad

    @ Luker

    I’ve always featured a mix of budget, mid-range and luxury items on this site, and the ratio of the three is the same now as it was a year ago.

    It seems like maybe you’re a bit confused about the concept behind Well Spent. This is not strictly a budget / discount site. My intention here is to spotlight goods that are responsibly made and will last. Sometimes those goods are affordable (like a $28 henley or a $50 weekender) and sometimes they’re investments (the boots above). Either way, however, they’re all worth their cost (at least, in my opinion).

    If your priority is discount, and discount only, then I recommend you check out the Choosy Beggar or Dappered.



  • Donald Tyler

    Well you could always by a Chineese knockoff on the cheep. They might last you a season, might.

    I’ve had my Danners for 10 years and there is plety of life left in them. At $320 that’s $32 bucks a year. Budget by anyones standards. And, by the way, the Chineese guy who made your budget knockoffs purchased a pair of Danners because he knows the stuff he makes ain’t all that great.

  • Grandee

    Are all of these new Danner lines only offered in EE size?