Vanson for Epaulet Waxed Varsity

Give me a D! Give me an O! Give me a P! Give me an E! What’s that spell? This jacket. Made exclusively for Epaulet by the venerable Vanson Leathers, the Waxed Varsity features a blacked-out waxed canvas body, ivory leather sleeves and a cotton tartan plaid lining. Boasting the ultimate in construction and looks, the jacket’s your ticket in to the varsity sartorial squad. And now that it’s a full 50% off, that ticket’s never been more affordable. Do you have what it takes to make the team?

For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • Eric

    I lost respect for Vanson when they took the American flags off of their clothing sold overseas because America was growing less popular. They sold out their own country for a dollar. ****’em.