Read’s Clothing Project Madras Shirts

Ever wish you could look good while doing a good deed? Not like wearing a suit while you pick up trash on the side of a highway, but more like purchasing a beautiful garment whose proceeds go to giving a book to a child in need. Well, that’s what Read’s Clothing Project and their tailored fit, 100% Cotton Madras Shirts do, and now’s your chance to snag one in either red or blue for mere $115 over at FREE / MAN’s shop. Get do goodin’.

For price and purchase info, visit FREE / MAN.

  • the passenger

    Does anyone else have an issue with the lack of pattern matching? Honestly, these look defective. I hate to knock Read’s because of their efforts to help children, but I also don’t want to wear something that looks like it may have been assembled by children.

  • Aaron

    Having just bought one of their oxfords I would say that as well intentioned their whole “donate a book to an African child” and “made in the USA” thing is, these are very poorly made shirts.
    1. The fabric is nice (but showing signs of pilling quite soon) and the fit is indeed tailored but the armholes are so high that it is bordering on a rather awkward fit.
    2. The construction leaves much to be desired with loose threads everywhere, crooked stitching along the pockets and collar. The side seams of the shirt itself is simply done with an overlock stitch which leaves frayed edges on the inside.
    3. As the poster above mentioned, their patterned shirts also do no pattern match on the back yoke either. This should have been a warning sign given that any maker of shirts worth their salt always pattern matches.
    All of these issues of course do not alter the functionality of the shirt but for something that retails for $155 this is simply not up to scratch – I have $20 oxfords which have better attention to detail.