Topo Designs Sling Bags

If you didn’t already know, Topo Designs’ bags are some of the best bangs for you buck out there. So finding them on sale, well, it’s almost like finding a free seventh beer in a six pack (ie, you’re getting more than you paid for). Terrible metaphors aside, Need Supply has three colorways of the co.’s super awesome Colorado-made Sling Bags, and they’re all 18% off. Drink up.

For price and and purchase info, visit Need Supply.

  • Bit Picnic

    What are those little tan diamonds you always see on backpacks for?

  • Jimmy

    Yeah, I’ve always been curious about those too. I think they’re called lash tabs?

  • Rachel

    @Bit Picnic and @Jimmy: “The classic lash tab was a leather patch that let’s you pass a bit of webbing through it, and then fasten items to your pack.” (via Carryology.)

  • Jake

    Lash tabs are just generally for attaching things to the pack with straps, carabiners, rope etc. The middle part is not sewn down so you can thread things through. These days they are often just to achieve a look, but some people use them. Natural leather tabs are the best because you can see the leather age and turn a darker hue as the pack puts on miles.

  • Bit Picnic

    Thanks. That’s awesome that there’s a blog about carrying things called “Carryology.” Naturally they’d know about the tabs.