Moose Brand Phone Sleeves

A Chromexcel iPhone sleeve? More like iWant! Sorry. The Phone Sleeve from Seattle’s Moose Brand is crafted from a single piece of Horween Chromexcel leather, which is folded and sewn closed. Simple, practical and tasteful, the sleeve is like a leather version of the phone it’s designed to keep, except, you know, without the phone part. Not my best. Two colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit The Leather Shop.

  • J.W

    That looks amazing!
    I’ve never heard of the company
    though, you mentioned they are
    from Seattle right?

  • Brent

    These products are DA*BomB. they are quite simply the most well-made and durable leather goods I’ve seen. Very versatile, stylish and comfortable, they will stand the test of time.
    Good Purchase whatever you get!