Anvil 420 Organic Tees

Four things to know about the 420 Organic Tees from Anvil. 1) They’re responsibly made in South America from low-impact dye treated 100% organic cotton jersey. 2) They’re tubular, instead of side-stitched, so you don’t have to worry about them getting twisted in the wash. 3) They come in 17 colors. 4) They cost a little over $11 with shipping. Have at ‘em.

For price and purchase info, visit

  • Jan

    Where can one find out more about garment measurements?

  • Jan

    have found that chart as well but am curious if the sleeves are cut slim and how the shirt sits at the hem.
    Do you possess one of the 420?
    Are they slim fit just as the 490 only a tad shorter (yet quite long)?

  • Jan

    the fit on the body looks nice but I really don’t like the gapping sleeves.
    Unluckily the body of the 420 is already on the long side, the 490 is even longer.
    Seems those aren’t for me, what a shame.

  • Jimmy

    @Jan, you may want to try Everlane shirts which probably has more of the fit you’re looking for. They are slightly more expensive, but are made out of Pima cotton. I have a few of these and the construction and quality is superb.

  • Tom

    Are they *totally* tubular? Sorry, I couldnt resist.