N’East Illustrated, Vol. 5

Hooray and hurrah, it’s time for another installment of N’East Illustrated. The supremely delightful Christine Mitchell of N’East Style has turned in yet another incredible batch of #menswear images. Check them out after the jump. Previous sets can be viewed here.

Eric Heins is a friend and incredibly talented artisan. His products are durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing. I love the shape of this tote and the stripes at the base. It transforms it into, “not your grandfather’s tote bag.”

Brad first introduced me to Jed & Marne on Well Spent with a post he did on them back in April. The brother and sister duo collaborate with Mayan master weavers in Guatemala to produce colorful and durable shorts that can be worn in the water and out. Each purchase goes towards providing fair wages and humane living conditions for the artisans and supporting an endangered cultural tradition.

The folks at Nepenthes have created some amazing photo series to highlight new products on their Tumblr, Nepenthes NY Presents. My favorite is the one starring their own Eri Shoji, who is absolutely stunning. This shot is beautiful, with her hair wild with motion and just a peek of her face.

My buddy Skip Brooks took this shot at The Hill-Side Co. preview this past Tuesday. I love the organic softer shapes of this print compared to the more traditional jagged edges of camo prints. And I love the paring with white Vans Lo Pro Sneakers. Be sure to check out Skips’ other style shots from the evening – a lot of good friends there.

I always appreciate Mordechai Rubinstein’s shots for their honesty. They aren’t posed, or promoting a brand, or trendy. Just real people and their personalities. This guy at the Brimfield Antique Show has on a lovely colored Patagonia (which, unfortunately, you can’t tell from this drawing).

To see more of Mitchell’s work, check out N’East Style or her portfolio site. You can also email her directly if you’re interested in having her draw something for you (very wise move).