American Apparel Tennis Shoes

These sneakers cost $32. They’re by American Apparel (I know we all have our opinions about them). They’re made in the USA. They feature a canvas upper, rubber sole and white laces. And they come in seven colors. Now you know they exist. Proceed how you see fit.

For price and purchase info, visit American Apparel.

  • Chris

    I’m a bit leery of any shoe that costs only $32. I’m pretty neutral on American Apparel. I think Dov Charney is a sleezy pedophile but it’s not really fair to judge a company by their CEO. I’ve had mixed results with AA clothes. T-shirts have held up very nicely but other items fell apart pretty quickly. I think they fill a good niche for people who want US made goods but can’t afford the likes of Gitman.

  • antony

    We’ve come to expect the digging/research already done! :)

    Who makes these for them? They can’t be doing these in house – bring on shoe production into their world wouldn’t work.

    • Brad

      @Antony Good question. I didn’t even realize the means to make sneakers like these still existed in the US. Gives me hope Vans might do a US-made collection one of these days.

  • GetMan

    If you want US made sneakers, go with the New Balance custom 574’s. US made and custom. The only problem is they’re not plimsolls.

  • Jeff

    I’m really impressed that they’re making these in the US. I’ve searched all over and literally haven’t found a single pair of shoes in this style that are not made in China. I’d definitely like to check out a pair.