Joshu+Vela Keychains

Guess what? Joshu+Vela is now making keychains. Guess what else? They want to give away three of them to Well Spent readers. Simply leave a comment below between now and Thursday, May 31st and you’ll automatically become eligible to win. They’re also giving away one of their knockout gorgeous XL Boat Totes (I guess that’s a little more exciting than the keychains). To win that, follow J+V on Tumblr or Facebook (or both, to double your chances). Again, you’ve got ’til May 31st. Good luck!

For price and purchase info, visit Joshu+Vela.

  • Jeffrey M.

    Would love to win a keychain.


  • Matt

    Sweet looking keychain. I’d love one!

  • Jon W

    Got one for a friend as a gift; pretty awesome key chain! Would love to have one.

  • Tom

    Beautiful! I want one!

  • Andrew

    Those are some hot keychains.

  • Chris A

    Throwing a comment in to win me a key chain!

  • Lisa

    was just looking at these on Svpply, where everyone and their brother has listed them as a wanted item. I want one too!

  • Craig

    Love this brand and their wares! The keychain is perfect for how I like to carry my keys (not in my pocket)!

  • Evan S.

    I would love one as well, thanks.

  • Robert

    enter me in!

  • Nick S.

    Beautiful. Fingers are crossed.

  • Ernie

    i want 2 have one please

  • Eric

    I won’t object to winning one!

  • Alex A.

    Awesome keychain!

  • wesib

    It’s highly needed! One at least)

  • Taylor

    The key chains look great! I’d love to win one. I’ve always loved the concept of this blog.


  • Ted

    Daang this keychain looks real cool, I’m digging the brass on leather. I just lost my keys, so this would be perfect to never lose me spare keys. =)

  • eric


  • josh


  • Jim

    I’d like one of these.

  • Patrick H.

    Thanks for sharing – looks like I’ll wait until after the 31st before buying one (fingers crossed)…

  • Michael


  • gilberto

    Those look nice.

  • Robert Gorwa

    Enter me in too please!
    Who knew a keychain could be so sexy

  • Rob


  • Nicholas

    I would love one for my keys! Enter me, please!

  • Josh

    Looks great! I have been in the market for a keychain, and this would fit the bill perfectly.

  • Yashwina

    I’d love a keychain!

  • Tommy

    Very nice

  • Gary

    As my wife says, “Gimme gimme gimme!”

  • Cary

    Yes please.

  • Patrick

    I’ll win the black one please

  • Tom


  • TC

    Me too!

  • Ross

    Yes please… for my keys!

  • Court

    Current number of entries means a 1 in 11.333333333333334 chance of winning. Which as sweepstakes go is pretty amazing.

  • Michele

    Keychains look pretty sweet!

  • Matt

    Beer me a keychain

  • Bryan

    Understated sexiness. Love the dark leather on gold.

  • Chris

    Great keychain! Hope to win one.

  • Ernest

    Work has just given me a bunch of keys so this is exactly what I need to sort my life out!

  • Jeff

    Recently bought a Joshu+Vela backpack at Taylor Stitch in the natural leather with brown waxed canvas. I’ve gotten loads of compliments and absolutely love it, so thanks. I’d love to have a matching keychain.

  • Eric F

    My keys would happily live on that ring.

  • Dave


  • N

    $30 for a keychain? Do readers actually think it’s worth it, even if made in USA?

  • Daniel

    Game on!

  • Roy S

    Delighted to be added to the drawing.

  • Kevin

    Really like the natural leather one.

  • thomas

    I’d very much like to not win one… (reverse psychology)

  • TAG

    Aaaaaand everyone comes out of the woodwork! Including me!

  • Brandon

    Guess it’s time to leave a comment!

  • TB


  • Pacia

    Simple and stylish. Looks like something to add to the covet list.

  • Tin

    Never Have a chance to torch them in person, but the bags and other accessory look decent and well-made. Winning a gift is just like hoping world peace to me. Please let my wish comes true!

  • Noah

    I want one!

  • jason

    they’re great, put me down for one of each please

  • Patrick M

    Dang, like the brown one.

  • shawn


  • Justin

    those look pretty rad. i’m in to try to win

  • Nate

    Been looking for something clean and simple like this for a while. Good stuff!

  • William Goodman

    I’d love to snag one of these!

  • Tim M

    i could use an upgrade; would love one of these handsome keychains.

  • Ken

    Very nice. Count me in on the keychain contest.

  • Luke

    Long time listener, first time caller

  • Oliver

    *fingers crossed*

  • Andrew

    Sounds great! I’ll throw my name in the hat.

  • Locke

    I prefer the brown one ;)

  • Locke B

    Count me in,

  • http://- Thom

    I kinda doubt that they’d be willing to ship it to Hong Kong though…But it looks great

  • Curtis

    Awesome keychains…thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kyle Rainsford

    These look gorgeous! Yes please.

  • Steven

    me gusta

  • mark v

    my keys are loose in my pocket and some are scattered all over the bar floor.

    does anyone have a solution?

  • Yo Chi

    Tossing my hat in the ring, these look sweet!

  • Chance

    very nice key ring, love the hardware.

  • Track Shack

    sweet! count me in


  • Cory

    Cool. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!

  • Joe G

    Those are some sweet keychains!

  • Leonardo

    Would love the black one!

  • Matt

    Those look pretty great!

  • Matt Voor

    whether or not I win I’m still buying a keychain haha

  • Samir

    Coming out of the woodwork. I’m in!

  • Tim Wong

    Would love to win this! Looks gorgeous!

  • Jaysan

    Yessir pleasir.

  • Rick

    As it happens i really need a keychain. Would love one.

  • Michael

    awesome keychains! one for me pls! :)

  • Michael N.

    I like. A natural one would fit right at home with my keys.

  • http://Norway Aage AK

    They look pretty nice, although I prefer the one from Corter leather. Sign me up for th sweestakes!

  • Ryin

    I could really use a nice little key chain

  • Ray

    Those are nice and simple and look well made. gimme gimme gimme.

  • Drew

    Wow, beautiful stuff.

  • Julian

    mmmm keychains! Been using an old carabeener for the past 5 years and it is a bit bulky to say the least. Could use a sleek upgrade

  • Jake V P

    Gimme da loot!

  • Nathan L

    Fingers crossed – would love a keychain

  • Paul Seradarian

    I’d love one of these…really need a good keychain.

  • Andrew Schmidt

    Love these …

  • Sam

    Woah nice keychains!

  • Brett Atlas


  • Joseph

    Those look really neat.

  • lacey

    yes, please!

  • Charlie

    great looking! black for me please

  • HH

    I’m in…

  • Austin Hua


  • drew


  • Erik

    Thanks for doing this guys!

  • Jeff

    I’m in. These look great.

  • Alex

    Yes, please!

  • Mike Steel

    I’ve wanted a keychain like this for ages!

  • Colby

    I need to step up my chain game. Care to help a poor kid out, Joshu & Vela?

  • Jacob B

    Those are some incredible key chains!

  • Adam

    My carabiner is tearing up my belt loops. Would love to have one of these!

  • Matt

    How exciting!!!

  • Louie

    Looking forward to this!

  • WaxWane


  • Scott

    Sweet keychains, awesome idea.

  • Rob

    Perfect key chain. Looks good now and gets better with use.

  • Andrew

    looks cool. great idea.

  • Matt

    These keychains are dope. Count me in.

  • eugene

    awesome! love to win one!

  • William

    Count me among the interested

  • andrew

    Beautiful work J + V. Thanks for the chance…

  • Jon Raspa

    My carabiner just snapped on me, so this is perfect timing!

    Great looking piece; my keys would look great hanging off it!

  • Ben

    I have been looking for something like this…

  • Andrew M

    I am in a desperate need of an awesome keychain, it’d be great if I can win one!

  • Ro

    Love it!

  • Vivvy

    sick keychain.

  • Nick

    I totally need one of these sexy things.

  • Carrer13

    Let’s give it a go. I have been lucky before.

  • Manny L.

    Simple and beautifully crafted. I dig them.

  • Daniel

    I already removed my old key chain. You don’t want to be responsible for me losing my keys, do you?

  • Dan

    Awesome. My old carabiner needs replacement!

  • HudsonandBarrow

    Would love to win one of those keychains.


  • Brad

    And the winners are (according to

    42. Jeff

    29. Tommy

    111. Adam

    Emails will be going out to the winners later today.

    Congrats, and thanks for entering everyone. More giveaways coming soon.