Campbellsville Apparel Undershirts

A: One of the best damn t-shirt deals, ever. Q: What are the Undershirts from Campbellsville Apparel? The details: made in Kentucky from 100% combed cotton. Built to the same exacting specifications as the undershirts issued to the US military. Available in two colors, and in both crew and v-necks. And, only $12 for a three pack. Go get ‘em.

For price and purchase info, visit Campbellsville Apparel.

  • Thomas

    Any word on a size chart?

  • Joe

    I was disappointed to see that the v-neck undershirt only comes in white! Because that v-neck in sand could be amazing.

  • Brandon Arnold

    I bought a few this morning and called to change the shipping address. The gentleman who runs the place was very personable and we chatted about New Orleans a bit (the destination address). ;) Looking forward to trying them on!

  • Pole

    Oh my – is the site down just for me? Yesterday it worked fine.
    Would Campbellsville Apparel ship to Europe? Maybe they just blocked IP addresses from here to prevent a flood of questions like that, after you had published information about them – because a flood is to be expected :).

  • jeremy

    Yeah, it’s down for me as well.

  • Peter

    Are the white shirts fairly thick? I’ve been struggling lately to find white Ts that aren’t transparent.

  • James

    No idea if you’ll ever see this 7 days on, Peter, but they are… fairly sheer. I bought a 3-pack and they are definitely meant to be worn as undershirts.

    The v-neck might be a different story.

  • Peter

    Thanks, James. Sheer seems to be the only way for white Ts these days.

  • Tom

    Wondering if anyone was able to get a size chart?