Industry of All Nations Kenya Vintage Sneakers

Since launching in 2010, California’s Industry of All Nations has sought to “take manufacturing back to the regions where products and materials are inherent… [and] introduce basic everyday goods that are developed horizontally in collaboration with local communities.” In other words, the co. establishes mutually beneficial relationships with indigenous makers around the world, and then brings their wares to the masses. The Kenya Vintage Sneakers – IOAN’s latest facilitated release – are made in Mombasa, Kenya out of African cotton and natural rubber. Simple, durable and affordable, the shoes are a great option for summer, from a company you can feel good about all year long.

For price and purchase info, visit Industry of All Nations.

  • Marko Myllyluoma

    Can I buy these in Kenya, I’m living in Nairobi ?


  • chester duggan

    Was the above question answered?

    • Brad

      @Chester – That’s a question to ask IOAN.