Noah Lambert Unifold Wallet

Looking for a wallet that’ll outlast you? The Unifold Wallet from Noah Lambert is made from a single piece of domestically-sourced, 5 oz. vegetable-tanned bridle leather, that’s artfully folded and stitched together. Because of the reduced number of seams (there are only two), the wallet has almost no weak spots, so it’ll keep on ticking, long after you’ve stopped (a little morbid, sorry). E-tailer Owen & Fred has it in two colors, and the price per ain’t bad at all.

For price and purchase info, visit Owen & Fred.

  • Mike

    Thanks Well Spent – it’s a beautiful wallet, super solid construction, and it’s carrying my cards and cash now. The leather softens over time, and has developed a gorgeous sheen – like a pair of well-polished brown Oxfords. And you definitely cannot beat the price.

  • Craig

    Great wallet! Very similar to Corter’s folded bifold: Corter’s is a little cheaper and you get to “season” it yourself.

  • CTP

    …and if you sign up for O&F’s email list, you can get 10% off.

  • Matt

    How does this fit in a back pocket? It looks a little thick

  • Alex

    I’ve been enjoying mine for a few months now. It’s slightly bulky at first but it thins out nicely over time.

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  • CTP

    Matt, I got mine about a month ago, and yes, at first it seems like it’s not going to fit, but it fits well in my dress pants and jeans alike. the leather is a nice thickness – it really seems like it will last. i loved my billykirk wallet, but wore a hole in it in under 18 months. i feel like this puppy will last for 10 years, also because the design is very simple and doesn’t appear to have weak spots.