Lumina Weekender Oxfords

And now: a sub $80, US-made oxford shirt. The brand’s called Lumina (you might know them from their excellent ties). The shirt’s made in South Carolina out of 100% cotton oxford that’s woven in the USA. Details include a box pleat in the back and contrast fabric lining the collar and cuffs. The fit is slim. And the price, is bananas. Two colors are available. Have at ‘em.

For price and purchase info, visit Lumina.

  • Alex Frankel

    Picked up this exact one at Confirmed Stock this weekend and it’s fantastic. Great fit and the price is ridiculous. Just wanted to correct, there is no chest pocket.

    • Brad

      Thanks for the correction Alex.

  • David

    Always looking for Oxfords to wear. Can someone confirm or deny whether or not the collar style can support a (neck/bow) tie? It looks too spread out from the pictures.

  • Brad

    @David: Lumina started out as a tie company, so I would assume yes, their shirts can accommodate ties. Thanks!

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