Wolf vs. Goat SS12 Shirts

There’s a whole lot of new going on over at Washington, D.C.’s Wolf vs. Goat. New website. New shirts. New, well, I guess there are only two new things. Regardless, to celebrate the newness, WvG is offering 25% off everything in its online store. Simply use code WS@WVG at check out to get the discount. And in case you’ve never had the pleasure of wearing a WvG shirt: they’re made in America out of fabrics are from Japan, they come in two fits (slim and slimmer), and they’re all around pretty great. Offer expires Monday, April 30th.

For price and purchase info, visit Wolf vs. Goat.

  • Susan

    My boyfriend loves Wolf vs Goat, and I love the way he looks in WvG! The shirts have a flattering fit and the fabrics are really soft and nice to touch. The Sno-cone pattern is my new favorite on him for summer.

  • pierce han

    ive been following WvG since it first started a few years back … the brand has definitely grown and matured with this new SS12 collection. most of the items available look to be staples for any dude’s closet

    out of all of the menswear brands out there, i have yet to find one better in terms of quality and fit at this price point so its great to see the small label find exposure on Well Spent

  • http://bloggerhamlin.wordpress.com MattBH

    I’ve had two suits custom made from Wolf vs Goat and they are freaking awesome. Don’t have any shirts yet, but if they’re half as good as the suits, they’re a steal.

  • Baby Digital

    I had discovered WvG last year browsing some random fashion forums. After trying on the after dinner fits, reality set in and I thought to myself, “Wow, this is how a shirt is supposed to fit.” Room where you need it, fitted in the shoulders and slim (but not too slim) in the midsection. The fabrics and patterns are top notch and customer service has been excellent.

    I hope WvG keeps it up.

  • PoppaD

    I’m relatively new to the WvG brand, only following for about two years. That stated, I can say with confidence that I’m proud to be a part of the WvG family.
    I have a peculiar shape (C46 W34)That Mauro’s BD (Before Dinner) shirt’s fit perfect at my size point. His AD (after dinner) also give a slightly looser fit that looks fantastic on any shape, for almost any occasion. Quality fabrics, amazing fits, and an approachable owner make this product one of my favorites.

  • Doc

    WvG is my favorite clothing manufacturer and one could not ask for better service from the brand. Mauro is a class act and always willing to help out a customer. The fabric is excellent and the ability to get each shirt in two different fits (Before Dinner and After Dinner) is something unparalleled. Along with the made-to-measure option, every single person can get a shirt that fits their dimensions from WvG. Once you get your first WvG item you will definitely be hooked on the brand as it exceeds expectations.

  • Matt

    So I bought a WvG shirt a couple weeks ago…it fit great, I really liked it, and then all of the sudden, it disappeared! Very mysterious and frustrating