Wings + Horns Three Button Blazers

It’s funny: I’m the only blogger I know who still thinks it’s inappropriate to wear sweatpants in public, and yet, I’d happily wear the hell out of this sweat blazer. Go figure. The Three Button Blazer from Wings + Horns is handcrafted in Canada out of 100% cotton jersey. As dressed-down as a dress-up jacket can get, the TBB features a notched lapel, two pockets on the hips, tonal elbow patches and a nice, slim fit. Get it at American Rag.

For price and purchase info, visit American Rag.

  • Matt

    Thank god you’re not on the sweatpants train

    • Brad

      Just makes me think of elementary school. There was always a “sweatpants kid” and there was always something a little off about him. Also, this:

  • Sri

    Nice idea. but these are waaaaay too short. Combined with the low rise pants that people are going to wear this with, the look is going to be a disaster.