New York Hat Co. Brooklyn Baseball Hats

Looks like Camp Caps aren’t the only thing New York Hat Co. is good at. The brand’s Brooklyn Baseball Hats are handmade in NYC out of 100% wool flannel. Finished out with an adjustable snapback, and totaling in at an insanely reasonable $25 per, the BBHs offer retro styling with an equally retro price.

For price and purchase info, visit New York Hat Co.

  • Tom

    Hi, this cap looks great! I’ve been looking for a traditional baseball cap made in USA. Do you know if it fits flush in the front? I ordered a vintage cap from Ebbets Field and the front panels kind of “crown” up in three places. I guess that’s the vintage look, but it doesn’t really suit me. I prefer a tighter fit all around. Thanks! -Tom

    • Brad

      Hey Tom,

      Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for the fit first-hand and it appears NYCHC doesn’t have their return policy posted on the site.

      Anybody else know the answer?

  • Tom

    Seems like a decent return policy as stated (link on product page):

    If no one knows first hand, I will give them a shot. Thanks Brad.

  • the passenger

    These are nice looking, but I really want a hat like this that is fitted and offered in actual sizes, and I don’t want to pay a fortune for it. And like Tom, I prefer a closer, less “crowny” fit.