Common Sons Mariner Sweaters

A UK-made, slim-fit, WWII-inspired shawl collar sweater = good. A UK-made, slim-fit, WWII-inspired shawl collar sweater for $95 (pre-shipping) = great! The brand’s called Common Sons. The sweater’s called the Mariner. It’s made in the England entirely from British materials. It comes in two colors. And, it’s only £65.00 (roughly 95.00 USD). Dig in.

For price and purchase info, visit Common Sons.

  • Todd v

    Love it. Love the price but arrrrgh 50% acrylic. That’s a deal breaker for me. Do that in 100% wool and raise the price a little and I’m sold.

  • Jasper

    Thank you well-spent for sharing this..seriously lol
    the pieces are very nice and they arent that pricey at all!
    thanks for the great find!!!

  • Matt

    @Todd yeah, the synthetic fabric blend thing seems pretty common for middle end European designers. Which is unfortunate.

  • Chris

    This is what you want, a bit more price but still value for money, and no acrylic.

  • Common Sons

    Thanks for the article and the comments about the fabric.

    @todd and @matt we did a lot of research into what yarns to use and decided on advice from our yarn supplier that a wool mix was best for the jumpers.

    The 100% British wool that we looked at is generally used for Arans and tends to be really coarse unless you wash the f$%k out of it with chemicals. The wool was only 50 pence more per kilo so it wasn’t a price issue, it is just the handle of the garment. For us it was a compromise about getting garments that last and ones that still have the integrity of wool.

    Our summer range is mostly 100% cotton and our winter range in stores in sept will have alpaca in it replacing some of the acrylic.

    The summer range is here…



  • Kevin

    How is the sizing on these? The small seems a little tight in the chest. Do they stretch a fair bit?

  • Brano

    Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to buy sweaters from last winter collection, there is only summer collection, on your website. Thanks