a tail we could wag Leather Tip Belts

Four things to know about the Leather Tip Belts from a tail we could wag. 1) They’re made in the USA out of domestically-sourced leather and handwoven fabrics from Guatemala. 2) The Mayan artisans who make the fabrics are treated fairly and paid an equitable wage. 3) Each belt comes with a natural cotton web backing and solid brass buckle, ensuring years of use. And 4) They only cost $40. Enjoy your new belt.

For price and purchase info, visit a tail we could wag.

  • http://handlebarmagazine.com/ Yang

    Wearing one of these beauties as we speak! Absolutely love it.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Ha. Nice one Yang!

  • http://www.pullover.de.com Pullover

    Would love to have one

  • Texan

    This company is awesome. My favorite belt is made by them