Baron Wells Studio Shirts

What’s good about the new Studio Shirts from Baron Wells? Well, they’re super high quality (cut and sewn in NYC out of 100% cotton Japanese oxford cloth). They fit great (slim in the body, and not too long in the length). They have a nice handful of features (button down point collar, iPhone-shaped chest pocket, center seam down the back). And – the real kicker – they cost a mere $88 per. So, in other words, everything’s good about ‘em.

For price and purchase info, visit Baron Wells.

  • Eric F

    Everything’s good other than that collar. Those shirts look great, and the price is perfect, but a collar has to be able to hold a tie. And supershort collars, though common at the moment, are going to date really badly.

  • Chucky

    Agree with everything in the first post. I would probably cop a couple if it weren’t for the collar.

  • David Sewell

    baron wells shirts are great unless you want to tuck them in.

  • James

    Short button collars have only been popular for the last century or so.

    But yeah they are totally going to be dated in the next few months. Don’t be these guys.

  • Jon

    Anyone know how these compare to Gitmans?

  • dom

    The collar is 2″ to point – sufficient room for a tie. Also, these shirts are longer than the past – so you can tuck into pants / or wear untucked. The Metropolitan shirt is even longer – designed to be tucked.

  • Eric F

    @7: That’s a full 1-1/4″ shorter than the collar on the old Brooks Brothers oxford I’m wearing today. If you added that much again to my collar, it’d be 1973.

    @4: When you’re at the far end of something, tight or loose, long or short, wide or narrow, you have to expect that tastes, including your tastes, will move back toward the middle, and faster than you think. Which is why you and I, I’m fairly certain, aren’t wearing bellbottoms right now. And why the 2″ wide Hill-Side tie in my closet both makes me happy and makes me feel like I jumped into a time machine and got out in of the New Wave 80s.