Gitman Brothers x Opening Ceremony Basic Shorts

Yeah, I realize it isn’t quite the season for these yet. But, by the time it is they’ll most likely be sold out, so here they are. Made in the USA by Gitman Vintage. Exclusive to Opening Ceremony. Slim fit. Simple details. And on sale now for an insanely low $45 (hence the unlikeliness of their lasting). Get ‘em before they’re gone.

For price and purchase info, visit Opening Ceremony.

  • randblumberjack

    Any idea on inseam length?

    • Brad

      Don’t know off-hand. I’d send OC an email.

  • Matt

    Nice. And my size isn’t sold out. This is as good a value as those 90$ EG Ghurka pants I found at WHARF’s clearance.

  • Matt

    (well, almost)

  • Curt

    Well, that serves me right for being a little hesitant on patchwork shorts. Sold out!

    Nice find sir, this is why I read your blog.

  • Curt

    Sorry, 36’s are still available

  • nate

    i would doubt that they actually had any stock at all. nearly *every* time that i (or a friend!) have ordered sale items from OC, they turn out to be out of stock.

    and if you’ve paid in a foreign currency and that currency has dropped against the dollar between the time of sale and refund, well, tough fucking luck.

    great inventory, but consistently awful web-store experience.

  • Jackson G.

    This annoys me to no end. It’s “[brand] x [producer],” not “[producer] x [brand.” The ‘x’ is an abbreviation of Latin per “by,” not anything meaning “for.”