Norse Projects Sigfred Knits

There’s kind of Goldilocks’ porridge thing going on with the Sigfred Knits from Norse Projects. They’ve got casual sweatshirt details, but are made from a dressy sweater fabric. Their fit is slim, but not in a painted-on kind of way. And their price, though not exactly low, for EU-made isn’t all that high either. In short: they’re just right.

For price and purchase info, visit Norse Store.

  • Curt

    Interesting sales page too. Like 1966 Levi 501’s in non weird sizes, just not mine. Chinese made pendleton shirts. And a damn fine “chore” coat that makes me wish the cold weather wasnt almost over.

    Plus once you sign up in the system, it will show you prices with VAT excluded. Its like magic. Assuming your outside the VAT zone.

    Just remember to add $20 shipped to Emerica. There goes the VAT excluded magic.

  • Matt

    I’ve been wondering about their Pendleton shirts for a couple weeks. At Norse Store, their “adventure shirt” is on steep sale for around 95$, but I can find the same shirt on Pendleton’s website for around 50$. The shirt on Norse Store looks nicer, but aside from the button color, I can’t really tell the difference.

    It it just marketing–or is there some actual difference in quality?

    • Brad

      Matt, pretty sure it’s the same shirt on the Pendleton site. Both are made in Mexico from US fabric.