Inventory x Mt. Rainier Reversible Vests

A vest worth investing in (sorry), the Inventory x Mt. Rainier Vests are painstakingly crafted in California. Durable, versatile, and handsome as all get out, the fully reversible vests feature flecked wool on one side, water-resistant 60/40 fabric on the other, branded buttons, and hand-warmer pockets. An extremely limited number of these were produced (twenty of each color), and all remaining sizes are now on sale. Get ‘em before they’re gone.

For price and purchase info, Inventory.

UPDATE: Sold out. Sorry folks.

  • Trevor

    Looks like they didn’t last too long…

    • Brad

      Dang. That was fast.

  • Court

    I’m guessing they didn’t have many to begin with.

    Next time shoot me an email, the Inventory Stock room is five minutes from my office. Though, that’s not faster than the internet so you’d likely not have much better luck.