Taylor Stitch Early Spring Plaids

Good news for anyone feeling impatient for winter’s end: a new batch of Spring Plaid Shirts are now live at Taylor Stitch. Cut and sewn in San Francisco from brightly colored cotton, the slim-fit shirts are like a sunny day in May, except fabric and buttons instead of weather and a month (what?). Get ‘em while they’re hot.

For price and purchase info, visit Taylor Stitch.

  • Justin

    This shop is amazing and their Shirts and denim are beautiful. Thank you so much for this, I’ll have to go visit their shop in the mission!

  • Ted

    Love these shirts – good fabrics and sizing by chest is a no-brainer. Also just picked up a pair of their denim and have been impressed thus far. It’ll be interesting to see how they break in.

  • the passenger

    I hate to gripe, but for $125 I would expect better horizontal pattern matching.