Bleu de Paname Bridge Jackets

Some of the items I post, I already own. Some of the items I post, I don’t own, but want. And then some of the items I post, I don’t want, I straight-up covet. These fall into the latter category. Slim fit, heavy canvas body, reinforced shawl collar, patch pockets, wood buttons, Made in France and tougher ‘an hell. And, best of all, they’re only 170 bucks (pre-shipping). So upgrading them from covet to own, shouldn’t actually be too difficult.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.

  • maggy simony

    An article in the Boston Globe leaves impression bridge jackets are an anachronism in fashion–word when playing bridge!

    Is that true? I do a blog on sociable bridge and Retro bridge stuff-never HEARD of a bridge jacket before.