Peregrine TT Jacket

You like Barbour, you like Belstaff, but you don’t like the idea of having the same jacket as everybody else. What to do? Check out the TT Jacket from Peregrine. Like the jackets from those other labels, the TT is handcrafted in the UK from British-made Millerain waxed cotton, and has a great form-meets-function design. Unlike those other jackets, however, you won’t have to worry about seeing the TT on 20 other dudes every time you leave the house. And, it’s about $100 cheaper (even with the international shipping). Sounds like a win-win to me.

For price and purchase info, visit Peregrine.

  • Andrew

    Anyone know of a US retailer? I’ve been searching for a Belstaff/Barbour alternative and this looks perfect.

  • Matt

    This looks just like the new Taylor Supply jacket:

  • Schmitty

    Finally broke down and bought it in grey. Found a coupon code online that knocked 15% off, and waited until the dollar was stronger against the pound to get the best possible price – ended up being about $260 with free shipping – about $50 cheaper than it would cost as of today, 8/16.

    Lordy, and what $260 gets you. This jacket is so nice. You can’t tell from the pictures, but there are ton of little details – leather tabs on the pockets, the collar is leather lined as well. A neat little Union Jack tag hidden behind one of the pockets.
    To me, it feels better made than my friend’s similarly designed Barbour, with a more modern fit, and it costs way less than that Belstaff nonsense (seriously, where do they get off taking what was once the plebeian alternative to Barbour and turning it into a euro-trashy luxury brand? Yeesh).
    Anyway, the people at Peregrine are lovely to deal with, the quality is top-notch, and it’s a pretty good bargain.

    In conclusion: don’t buy this. If you must buy this, don’t tell anyone where you got it.