Instead of Rent: February, 2012

The moderately and (very) immoderately priced goods that I’d rather spend it on this month.

Columbiaknit Knit Cap
100% cotton
Machine-knit in Portland, OR
Best Price: $19.00 (SHIPPED) at Archival Clothing

Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket
100% wool flannel
Cut and sewn in New York, NY
Best Price: $289.00 (FREE SHIPPING) at Odin New York

Amana Cotton Diamond Scarf
100% cotton
Woven, cut and sewn in Amana, IA
Best Price: $28.17 (SHIPPED) at Amana

Ratio Clothing White Campus Oxford Shirt
50’s single-ply 100% cotton oxford
Handmade to order in the USA
Best Price: $89.00 (FREE SHIPPING) at Ratio Clothing

Surplus Swedish Army Rucksack
Heavy canvas body
Leather straps, closure and trim
Made in Sweden
Best Price: $32.00 (SHIPPED) at BDUS

Justin Work Basic Belt
Genuine leather
Brass hardware
Made in USA
Best Price: $25.50 (FREE SHIPPING) at Zappos

Unis Sullivan Pants
100% Italian cotton twill
Cut and sewn in Los Angeles, CA
Best Price: $91.50 (SHIPPED) at Unis

Alden Bartlett Snuff Suede Indy Boot
Snuff suede upper
Goodyear welt
Red brick sole
Waxed cotton laces
Best Price: $490.00 (SHIPPED) at Unionmade

Maggie’s Organics Crew Socks
89% organic cotton
10% nylon
1% spandex
Low-impact dyes
Made in North Carolina
Best Price: $5.99 (PRE-SHIPPING) at Lucky Vitamin

  • Danny

    I can vouch for the shirt from Ratio. I have that exact model, and it’s such a great shirt. And the price is great for custom-made.

  • Court

    @Danny. I was going to ask about the shirts from Ratio. I’d never heard of them before and am glad to know people are happy. I’ll have to try them out soon.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, Ratio’s shirting is top notch. Great fabric, great fit, and absolutely top-notch customer service. I’m placing my next order soon.

  • mike steel

    you can get those columbiaknit hats directly from the company for 7$ a piece

    • Brad


      Last time I checked C-knit was charging $11 shipping.

  • Michael

    I like the selection. You forgot this tool to accompany it – the Douk-Douk

  • ryan

    do not tell people about odin! that northwood is going to go down below $200, and i am going to buy it.

  • Ryan

    awesome stuff, love the ruck sack from BDUS. they require at least a $25 minimum purchase, any other suggestions for a well priced add on?