J.Press Tweed Caps

There’s more to J.Press’ Tweed Caps than just goods looks. They’re also as multicultural as the cover of a college catalog. The fabrics are Scottish. The design is French (made there too). And the brand is as American as an oxford cloth button down. Actually, I guess they’re not that multicultural. But they sure are a whole lot of kinds of white. Two fabrics to choose from, and both are on sale.

For price and purchase info, visit J.Press.

  • David

    Has anyone purchased one of these?

    Curious about their fit, and how they are fastened in back, i.e. is it a spandex “stretchy” back? Or a fixed back? Or an adjustable one?


  • Meredith

    David, these have an elastic band stitched in the back. And if my eyes are treating me correctly, Jack Spade carries a Crambes hat with similar 5 panel styling. Made in France out of Harris Tweed. I’m basing my assumptions off of the soft-billed Jack Spade variety though, so I may be wrong.