Bexar Goods Co. Sweet Spot Belt

There are a lot of “hand-” prefixes in the description of the Sweet Spot Belt from Texas’ Bexar Goods Co. The (domestically sourced vegetable-tanned) leather is hand-cut. The hole is hand-stamped. The keeper is hand-stitched. The rivets are hand-hammered. The buckle is hand-forged. In short, it’s hands-down one of the most hand-crafted belts on the market. Sorry, that was a little heavy-handed. Oy. I’ll stop now.

For price and purchase info, visit Bexar Goods Co.

  • Chris Johnson

    Great Find! I love this belt

    • Brad

      Thanks man.

  • Steve P.

    “Hands” down the sharpest belt I’ve seen.

  • Guy Rubio

    Hey Brad–
    I just wanted to take a moment and digitally hand-type how humbly honored we are that you featured us on your site. You’ve posted some great reviews, and we thank you for including us as well.

    Guy (hand-signed)


    • Brad

      Ha! Sure thing. Keep up the good work!

  • Max v.

    Man, that belt looks so rugged it could be a “Hand”-me down one day!!!

    • Brad

      Well-played Max.

  • Cory

    I have to HAND it to you, Brad. You find the coolest stuff!

    • Brad

      Nicely done Cory.

  • Matt

    Got this belt in the mail a few days ago. The belt “hole” was a couple inches off, but I just took it to the cobbler and he put a couple extra holes in.

  • Herb

    This belt is the bomb!! I love it!!