White Horse Trading Co. Oilcloth Ties

I’ve heard of waxing dat azz, but waxing dat neck? (And the award for worst opening sentence goes to…) The Oilcloth Ties from White Horse Trading Co. are bench-made in Colorado out of Otter Wax-waxed 10 oz. cotton duck. Durable, handsome, and fully water-resistant, the OcTs are drool-inducing neckties, that you can safely drool all over (gross).

For price and purchase info, visit White Horse Trading Co.

  • http://www.joewasserman.com Joe Wasserman

    Does the wax not rub off on and stain your shirt? I’d be worried that it would…

  • http://www.whitehorsetradingco.etsy.com White Horse

    Great question. The best thing about Otter Wax, as opposed to your typical waxes (Barbour Thorndressing, Martexin wax, etc) is that once cured, it won’t bleed.

  • BEG

    This is kind of ridiculous. Am I supposed to wear one while duck hunting? I mean, it’s a nice idea if you want something to do with all those waxed cotton remnants. Maybe I just wandered into the wrong part of the internet…

  • Scott

    The Brits wear full on tweed suits, caps, and, yes, ties when they hunt. Perhaps we should take note. These seem like a good starting point, and bonus, tie doubles as a tourniquet should thing go all Cheney out there.

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  • Adam

    I bought a tie from White Horse back in August to wear to a mountain wedding. I was looking for something not made of silk but still appropriate to wear to a formal occasion. The tie fit the bill perfectly. Since then I work it into the office wardrobe once a month or so, and still get compliments every time I wear it. The concept of rugged yet sophisticated may escape some, to whom I would recommend they continue to buy their clothes at Walmart.