Ovadia & Sons Corduroy Trousers

Answer: a quick and effective way to class-up your pant game. Question: what are the Corduroy Trousers from Ovadia & Sons? (Jeopardy jokez!) The stats: expertly crafted in NYC’s garment district from 100% cotton corduroy. Loaded with fancy construction details, including a split waistband, piped seams, pleated curtain, and partial lining. Painstakingly tailored for a handsome slim fit. And currently on super sale at C.H.C.M. Get classy.

For price and purchase info, visit C.H.C.M.

  • Curt

    Slightly off topic. That C.H.C.M. store/website is new on me. I am impressed with the details they list for EVERY item (at least on my short vist). They seem to list:

    -country of orgin
    -material ( 100% wool)
    -actual measured size of the garment ( a small=20 inches across the chest, a medium =21 inches.)
    -and they take pictures of the item being worn by a humon. sometimes

    I bet they get almost zero returns.