Howlin’ by Morrison Fair Isle Sweaters

Gray skies got you down? Maybe these’ll help. The Fair Isle Sweaters from Belgium’s Howlin’ by Morrison are knit, cut and sewn in Scotland from 100% Scottish lambswool. So bright they’re practically a source of vitamin D, the sweaters are like a slim-fit, woolen sunlamp, ready to give your Seasonal Affective Disorder a swift kick in the pants (what the hell am I talking about?). Brooklyn’s Smith + Butler has ‘em, and they’re on sale.

For price and purchase info, visit Smith + Butler.

  • Matt

    Received my order (the bottom cardigan) today. Quality is obviously great, though the color is much darker than the picture makes it appear. Seems to happen pretty frequently, though

  • Marisa

    I also own that bottom cardigan (bought mine at Epaulet). I agree that it is darker than the picture, but also looks more handsome and of better quality than the photo suggests. Highly recommended.

    • Brad

      High praise, considering the source.

      Thanks M!