Beyond Primaloft Jackets

It’s cold out, and that’s got you thinking about picking up an insulated jacket, but you’re feeling hesitant, because you don’t want to look like a marshmallow. Enter the Primaloft Jackets from Beyond. Not only do the PJs boast a significantly slimmer profile, thanks to their synthetic insulation, but the actual cut and fit of the jacket is completely customizable, so just how puffy or un-puffy yours is, is totally up to you. There are three different Primaloft models to choose from (regular, water-resistant, and waterproof), and every one is made to order in Seattle with a turnaround time of approximately four weeks.

For price and purchase info, visit Beyond.

  • CTP

    mine’s on order!

  • CliftonAE

    Perfect alternative for folks who prefer their outerwear ‘vegan’ as well. Thanks for this!

  • CTP

    so, i just received my jacket as it hits 70 degrees in new york… it took 8 weeks rather than posted 5-6 weeks, but that’s my only complaint about my experience. the jacket seems really well made, fits well based on the information i supplied them, and has some neat stoppered drawstrings in the hood and body to get a nice snug/windproof fit. i was a little intimidated by having to supply my dimensions/desired fit, but i needn’t have been… totally happy with how it came out.

    it sure beats paying a grand for a made in a developing country moncler.

    now i just need to wait until next winter to wear it…

    • Brad

      Very cool. Thanks for the follow-up.

  • Donald Guthrie

    I am very interested in a Beyond Primaloft Jacket. How can I go about ordering one? Thanks, Don