Portland General Store Alpine Shave Jelly

It’s hard not to use cliches when describing the all-natural Alpine Shave Jelly from Portland General Store. It soothes. It lubricates. It gives a closer, more comfortable shave. In short: it does all the things its platitude-ridden press release claims it does. And that’s why it’s been my go-to for several months now. Try it for yourself – you’ll see what I mean.

For price and purchase info, visit Sir Jack’s.

  • Ian

    I love the Portland General Store jelly… definitely a smoother, almost moisturizing shave. But find I go through it like crazy because I have sensitive skin and really need to pile it on. I stick with wet shave soap usually and then go to this every third shave or so. That gives me the right balance between my sensitive skin and my wallet.