Jack Robie Paul and Patrick Shirts

In more of that please news: the sub-$100 American-made dress shirt. The brand’s called Jack Robie. The shirts are called the Paul and the Patrick. They’re both made here from Japanese cotton fabrics. Their features include rounded barrel cuffs, shoulder pleats, an English spread collar and a handsome slim fit. And they both cost under a Benjamin. Good looks, good quality, and a great price. More of that please, indeed.

For price and purchase info, visit Jack Robie.

  • the passenger

    That top button seems awfully far in from the edge of the collar band.

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  • K.G.

    I think that you have to do that on a spread collar in order to be able to tuck the buttonhole side of the shirt under the collar, else you end up with a mess underneath your tie’s knot. Maybe a tailor can let us in on the secret?