Post-Holiday Sales: Brooks Brothers 25 / 40 Sale

And we’re back. Hope you had a great break. Like last year, I’ll be spending this first week spotlighting some of the post-season’s best steals and deals. Kicking things off: two US-made Extra Slim-Fit Oxford Shirts for 25% off ($60 per), or, four for 40% off ($48 per), at Brooks Brothers (more about the shirts, and why they’re great here). Unfortunately, this sale ends Wednesday (Jan 4th). But, the deal applies to every color and every size, so, as long as you act fast, you can still majorly stock up. Have at ‘em.

For price and purchase info, visit Brooks Brothers.

  • Ted

    Welcome back Brad. Because of your other post of this shirt I have been waiting to get these. I bought 5 when the 25/40 sale started and got an additional 20% off as well! Thanks bro.

    • Brad

      Enjoy ‘em!

  • Jason

    The extra slim fit is a true slim fit, equal to many made to order brands. I only bought one off the clearance page but will be watching for others. Thanks!

  • David

    These are some of my favorite Oxfords to wear and I wouldn’t have known about them if not for Brad. I was planning on buying four but many of the sizes are already sold out. I would suggest anyone interested to snatch what you want up now.

  • Curt

    These brooks brothers Supima dress shirts are pretty much the best bang for the buck if you require a made in the USA dress shirt in a slim fit.

  • K.G.

    Just an FYI, I found that the center box pleat pulls out on my shoulders on the Extra-Slim fit. I sized up .5″ on the collar, but don’t like the fit of the shirt and the collar is sloppy if you plan on wearing it with a tie.

    If it’s a strictly casual shirt to be worn open, purchase it in the slim fit but go down .5″ on the neck (ie not Extra-Slim). This should work out. Check their measurements first, though.

  • Court

    I’ve tried on the “slim fit” in my size at my local Brooks. I’m a 15/34 and the fit was pretty good. I’m about 6’1″, 170 pounds and am interested to know how much different the extra slim would be. Would anyone recommend just ordering my regular size or going up slightly?

    I plan to order online today as the price is so much better from the US stores than in Canada. Here they are 58 bucks per with the 40% discount.

    • Brad

      Hey Court,

      If you click on the size guide tab on the product page, you’ll see a breakdown of how the different cuts fit.

      If it helps, I’m a M in Gitman Vintage, and wear a 16 in the BBros ESF (the 15.5 was too tight in the shoulders).

  • Court

    Thanks Brad,

    Maybe I just order a 15.5 in the ESF. A good friend of mine is a tailor and can take it in if need be, but I don’t think that half inch will hurt.

    Thanks again.