See You Next Year

That’s gonna be it for me this week (and year). But before I go, I want to thank everyone for an incredible 12 months. Whether you’ve read, linked, tweeted, tumbled, etc, your support means more than I can say, thank you. An extra special hat tip goes out to Valet, GQ, YHBTI, Cool Material, The Midwestyle, The Choosy Beggar, Get Kempt, Alex Grant, 10engines, Archival Clothing, Secret Forts, A Headlong Dive, N’East Style and The Sig Other. You’re all rock stars, every one of you. Here’s to a healthy, happy and stress-free holiday. See you in the new year.

– Brad

  • Bradley

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Brad!

    I always look forward to reading new content; your site is one of the few blogs I check every day.


    • Brad

      Thanks man. Have a great holiday!

  • Shane

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Canada. Along with Valet and ACL, this site rounds off my usual trifecta of menswear reading. Looking forward to more in 2012.

    Best of luck,

    • Brad

      Thanks for the kind words Shane, and a happy Xmas / New Year to you as well.

  • Hey19

    Thanks for a great year Brad. Keep doing God’s work.

  • Conor

    Happy Christmas – and thanks for an entertaining, informative blog that has introduced me to some great manufacturers and saved me serious $$$ this year!

    • Brad

      Thanks guys!

  • wesib

    Brad thank you for interesting blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Russia

    • Brad

      Thanks Wesib!

  • Joe Lamour

    And thank you for introducing me to 10 more blogs in addition to yours to read religiously. Merry Christmas!