New England Shirt Co. Chambray Shirts

Sick of chambray yet? Me neither! The Chambray Shirts from New England Shirt Co. are expertly crafted in Massachusetts, from 100% Italian cotton. A bit dressier than the typical chambray fare, the shirts feature a button-down collar, single chest pocket, contrast buttons, and tonal stitching throughout. Get ‘em at Unionmade.

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • ThinkingWins

    I just bought the J Crew version of the light blue chambray shirt shown above from Mr. Porter for $35.

  • Bradley

    The small size has a chest measurement of 20.5″.. Brad, would you consider doing some future posts for quality shirts in extra-small sizes (34-36)?


  • Brian

    To ThinkingWins: at $35 for the J. Crew shirt, you probably nearly got a good deal considering the labor savings that J. Crew attains from having all of their shirts produced in China. Their regular pricing is rather ridiculous when one considers their costs of production. It makes one wonder what all the money paid for their non-sale goods goes to, since they so often sell at a deep discount that they must still be making a profit at the reduced price.

    If, however, you’d prefer to purchase a shirt whose costs more accurately reflect labor and material pricing — and would also prefer to buy a not-so-ironic product as one channeling the Americana/heritage trend but which is made overseas — then you can buy something from the New England Shirt Co. NESC, despite their relatively recent incarnation, is the next in a long lineage of companies producing shirts in a factory in Fall River, MA, that has been doing this for over a hundred years. But, it’s your choice.

    • Brad

      Nicely put, Brian.

  • Noah

    I wear the blue one all the time. The fit is spot on for me. I’m somewhere between an XS and S at J Crew and tend to buy the slightly too long and baggy S in their button ups, but this fits perfectly in small. Its’s similar through the body to my Gitman Vintage or TT body shirts, but a slightly shorter in the tail. Plus, the BD collar and single pocket allow me to wear it with ties and sportcoats without feeling like a park ranger.